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Contemporary Romance

Jo writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense under the name of Jennifer Young.

She has six books published with Tirgearr and three others are self-published.

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The Dangerous Friends series

Activist Bronte meets policeman Marcus and they're instantly attracted, but somehow it all goes wrong. Because he's made a lot of enemies and she has some dangerous friends...

Blank Space

Bronte O’Hara is trying to move on from her ex-boyfriend, Eden Mayhew, but when she finds an injured man in her kitchen in the run-up to an international political summit in Edinburgh, a world she thought she'd left behind catches up with her with a vengeance.

Eden's an anarchist, up to his neck in any trouble around — and he's missing. The police are keen to find him, certain that he'll come back, and that when he does, he’ll have Bronte in his sights. What does he want from her — and does she dare trust a handsome stranger with her life?

After Eden

In the aftermath of a violent G8 summit when she almost lost her life, Bronte O’Hara finds herself fighting against her feelings for Marcus Fleming, the policeman who saved her. When Marcus is cleared of any wrongdoing over the deaths of three people during the undercover police operation, Bronte isn’t the only one who struggles to come to terms with the outcome. The friends and relatives of those who died are determined not to let the matter rest, whatever the cost. Some are looking for closure; some want justice. And someone is determined to use Bronte in a bid to gain revenge…

Storm Child

When their car comes off the road in a blizzard, Bronte O’Hara and her boyfriend, detective Marcus Fleming, stumble across an unconscious teenager in the snow. After he's rescued by two passing strangers, the boy simply disappears, and even Marcus’s police colleagues don’t believe their story — until the youth's body is found.

It looks like the accidental death of a young criminal, but Bronte and Marcus are convinced that things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Who was he? What was he doing out in the storm? Who else might be in danger?

And who will stop at nothing to make sure than Bronte and Marcus never find out?

Contemporary Romance and Mystery

Jo - or Jennifer - has six books published in the romance and romantic suspense genre by Tirgearr Publishing

Thank You For The Music

When Abby Mortimer's boyfriend, Edward, confesses his infidelity, she flies to Majorca, heartbroken. There, she finds herself singing in her sister's upmarket hotel and quickly drawn to the pianist, Rafa. Then Edward shows up with apologies. Complicating things is music impresario, Marcus Paterson, who enters her life. Abby has difficult choices to make, especially when she learns Edward's secret.

No Time Like Now

Hiding away in Majorca from a disastrous past, Megan McLeod enjoys her job as housekeeper at a university field centre. The arrival of geological researcher, Tim Stone, throws everything into disarray...he was the father of the baby she lost years before. When in the course of his research he comes upon something extremely nasty along the cliffs of north Majorca, he must turn to Megan for help.

Looking For Charlotte

Two year old Charlotte Anderson’s father killed her and then himself, and although he left a letter with clues to the whereabouts of her grave, she still hasn’t been found. Divorced and lonely, Flora Wilson is distraught when she hears news and embarks on a quest to find Charlotte’s body to give the child’s mother closure, but Flora's obsession begins threatening everything important to her.

The Lake Garda Series

Three young women, three love Italian lake.

A Portrait of my Love

Terrified of commitment, Skye Ashton goes to Italy with her best friend, Leona Castellano. When boyfriend Zack turns up, Skye realises how much she cares for him. But she has a fight on her hands, because Leona has taken a fancy to him. When Leona uncovers the true story behind an old family feud, she puts herself in danger. Will Zack's intervention to save Leona's life lead to him losing Skye?

Going Back

Leona Castellano returns to her Italian roots to put an old feud to bed. Her grandfather is dead, but his enemy, Faustino Manfredi, is determined to continue the hostility. When she becomes close to Faustino’s grandson, Nico, their romance strengthens Faustino’s vendetta and attracts the opposition of Leona’s parents, bringing Leona and Nico face to face with a terrible secret.

Running Man

At 21, Giorgia Manfredi is a wealthy Cinderella in a golden cage. Trapped in her family's business — a luxury hotel on Italy's Lake Garda — she yearns for a normal life. When jogger Danny Davies rescues her from a mugging, Giorgia finds that love comes at a price, bringing with it hostility, deceit — and conflict. Can she forgive those she loves and find happiness with the man who’s stolen her heart?

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